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Reasons To Hire Me:

  • I know my business. My business is about educating, advising, guiding, and negotiating for people, not real estate. Dirt is scarce but people put the value on the dirt. Your goals include closing a chapter and starting a new one without carrying issues from the current chapter with you. You can trust my business awareness will give you an advantage. Whether you are a first-time seller, an experienced seller, a buyer, a move-up buyer, an investor, or re-entering the market after years of non-ownership, a certain amount of education will be beneficial. My business is to help you perform your legal rights and duties during the sale of your dirt, to protect your money and interests, to negotiate for your desired position, and to manage all parties to a successful close. The education I provide will mitigate your risks and greatly increase the chance of a positive outcome.
  • I know how and where to find buyers. Over 85% of all residential real estate is sold through my licensed colleagues and connections with other brokers. You only need one buyer to meet your goal. My marketing focuses on agents, neighbors, and Open Houses. While an Open House may seem self-serving, remember that you only need one buyer and if my job is to expose your house to the market, an Open House is a great tool. I won’t stop looking for that buyer until escrow closes. You are hiring a Masters Club Broker with good team members who increase your home’s exposure. Good agents flock together and bad agents get eliminated from the rolls.
  • I know how to make things happen. Difficult and unique situations arise when people are involved. Leverage and ‘contingency plans’ are living organisms that are constantly discussed, used, and refined throughout the listing, negotiation and escrow processes. In the rare case when inactivity becomes a benefit, we will have already discussed it and considered the consequences of the inaction. More often than not, my job is to make processes move along more easily. Contingency planning and education are important elements to help understand and mitigate the risks in action and inaction. This is why choosing a great team is a very important part of the process. Trust my experience with this critical process. It may cost you a little more than a discount broker would charge but “you get what you pay for”.
  • I know how to negotiate a contract that CAN close. There is a big difference between “demand” and “worthy demand”. When buyers make offers on your listing [that is appropriately priced], certain terms and supporting documents are necessary to justify and prove the buyers’ ability to finish the deal (“close”). For example, if your buyer makes an all-cash offer, they will need to prove they have sufficient cash. If your buyer requires a loan, their approval process should have already started and yielded a pre-approval letter from the lender. The offer you accept has to meet your terms (or is close enough) AND the buyer must prove they are able to perform to the letter of their offer. These are obvious focus areas but there are many more that can be “hidden” in the offer. My experience as a contract negotiator in the corporate world benefits you. Having reached President’s Club for Weichert, REALTORS@ in 2015, (http://bit.ly/1rrq1dY) you have made a wise decision by hiring me and my team.
  • I know how to manage a transaction that WILL close. We have proven your buyer is qualified and motivated. The appraisal is done and “in agreement”. The buyers’ inspection reports are neither long nor full of future issues. And yet most sellers don’t know who is still at risk. The transaction is always at risk of falling apart until the minute it records at the County office. That means the principles in the transaction, the seller and the buyer, are either moving forward blindly or in full awareness of the constant risk. Each principle has contractual rights and required duties to perform. I know how to advise you at every moment and how to mitigate your risks through diligence and forethought. The ‘contingency plans’ have to adhere to the Escrow timeline. That clock doesn’t stop or wait but the principals can agree to extend milestones and deadlines. Remember, President’s Club means we’ve overcome many hiccups in many escrows. And most of my business still comes from past clients and referrals (over 70%). Hiccups happen and we get through them.
  • I know real estate law, principles, and practices. Long before you put a sign in your yard, you will get an appropriate education on the legal issues, consequences, and risks in selling your home. You have legal duties to perform and they must be done with precision and transparency. Your buyer has duties to perform and you will understand your rights in response to the buyers’ requests. As with most commodity sales, the sellers’ risks can be mitigated through some simple yet priceless actions. The law can be your friend. (I’M NOT A LAWYER). Both principals have the right to seek legal counsel as I am not a lawyer. But your risks and leverage are, must be, supported by California real estate law. The California Association of REALTORS (CAR) provides me with access to legal counsel by phone and my broker, Steve Galster, is one of the best brokers I know.
  • I am a full-time, career professional. You deserve an advisor who is available. This is not a hobby and you will get the communication, attention, and action necessary to make the experience smooth and fun. Yes, I said fun. Would you hire a part-time lawyer, inspector, or lender? Would you hire an agent who has a different day-job? I am laser-focused on you and your goal. And my team knows that focus must be a team focus.
  • I back my work with a written guarantee. I will understand and meet your expectations. I will make sure you understand the processes before you must. I will answer or return your calls promptly. I will be your connection to relevant services. I will keep you informed at all times. I will treat your goals and needs above all others. I will do all I can to simplify the process and “Wow” you.
  • I am honest and ethical. You are hiring a REALTOR®. The NAR Business Code of Ethics (http://bit.ly/1wnWixZ) drives my actions. The Code is good business. Beyond being a REALTOR, I am a Broker, a college graduate (Business/Finance), a recovering geek, a Weichert President’s Club achiever, and a Life Member of the Masters Club. Above all, I am here to serve you.
  • If you are a Veteran (honorably), I make a further commitment to you and your family: Vet’s Bonus (http://bit.ly/1T4qtoZ) – I thank you for making this the greatest Country on the planet.

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