Plate Tectonics


If you have ever managed a project, or multiple projects, or had more than one task to perform in a finite timeframe, then you have practiced what I call “Plate Tectonics”.  That is really a geological term describing the movement of earth’s plates.  But in my practice, it’s about helping multiple clients achieve their goals in parallel with other clients who are achieving their goals.

It’s not a difficult job AS LONG AS there is ample and clear communication.  My clients are certainly not treated like dinner plates nor do they get dizzy performing their duties (“spinning”).  But failed escrows and being fired by a client is a “broken plate”.  I’ve had one of those in my 9 years as a broker and, yes, it was a misalignment of communication which led to undesired stress.

Rather, this is a rewarding job.  My job is about enabling private ownership of real property.  That, in my opinion, is one of the fundamental differences between a free country that values individual liberties and a country that does not.  There are many countries who are not allowed to, nor can they fathom, owing their home and property.  (SHOCK:  Some banks employ workers in those countries – and they don’t understand private ownership.  This makes it difficult to negotiate and get agreement on contract changes.)

At this moment, for example, I have 3 sellers and 1 buyer who are in contract, 1 buyer who has submitted an offer, 3 sellers who are preparing to list their homes, and more than 10 buyers with active search portals (ready to submit).  Each client is my fiduciary.  As a fiduciary, they get my best and most diligent attention.

But, as you can understand, my attention cannot always be delegated and multi-tasking is a misnomer.  So my clients have to constantly have enough information (or access thereto) to perform.  This is not any different than managing a complex project – agree on objective and execute.  When confusion or an issue arises, which is ALWAYS in real estate sales, my attention has to be laser-focused on that “plate”.  Which means the other “plates” have to have enough momentum to keep “spinning”.

Here we go again on the importance of momentum.  If you or anyone you know [and like] needs a true professional, you can’t go wrong hiring me.  These are the 9 reasons you will feel comfortable hiring and referring me to others:

  1. I know my business.
  2. I know how and where to find buyers and homes.
  3. I know how to make things happen.
  4. I know how to negotiate an offer that can win.
  5. I know how to manage a transaction that will close.
  6. I know real estate law, principles, and practices.
  7. I am a full-time, career professional.
  8. I am honest and ethical.
  9. I back my work with a written guarantee.

(And I’m good at spinning plates.)

P.S., anyone who has served in our military gets extra attention:

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