Real Estate Should Be Simple

Whether your job requires you to sweep floors, trade currencies, sell houses, or teach kids, you should strive to simplify, not complicate your job.  Is this a strange opinion?  Don’t your customers want a simple experience?

As a former process designer, it was HIGHLY regarded by bosses and customers if resulting processes were more simple [as long as efficacy did not decrease]. What a coup it was to streamline a process.  It’s just like clean programming; you can’t have enough of it.

The extreme conclusion from this endeavor for “simplicity” is that the process/job is eliminated. “No code is the only perfect code”.  Human imperfection and evil find their way into processes, jobs, and programs.

This diatribe has a reason: If my greatest professional goal is to improve (“simplify”) the real estate endeavor for sellers and buyers (the ONLY customers), then I would focus on improving the process that affects THEIR experience. For example, I would assign someone to get rid of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). This Board adds more friction in the process and does little to protect the consumer. The CFPB is a dangerous attempt at seizure of the industry by the government.  Did you know that the CFPB has nobody to watch them?  They are “immune” to oversight.

Another focus would be to assign someone to get rid of the EPA (except for air and water). There are so many points of complexity in the real estate industry just due to the EPA that any reduction in that Agency’s presence would improve experiences and costs for sellers and buyers.

Real Estate should be simple.  Or am I nuts?  Let me know.


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