Making a Show Yard

After years of weeds, dreams, and more weeds, our yards are becoming worthy of pride and entertainment. (Many of you will be invited.) I would much rather post my accolades here than on Yel* or An*ie’s List.

There have been 3 key success factors in our current project progress:
1. Start with a design and try to make it “to scale”.
2. Hire wisely. Your first hire needs to understand and help architect the sequencing of implementation.
3. Don’t pretend to know more than the hired professionals.

My design is very elaborate. I segmented our parcel into 8 pieces (only 4 are relevant to this article; Alley, Back, ESide, WSide).

As my lead landscape implementer, I hired long-time friend and professional Mike Neeley (Waterless Landscaping).

As my concrete implementer, I met, hired, and became fast friends with Moni Fotofili. If you want concrete done well, you won’t be disappointed with Fotofili Concrete.

I’m very happy with the work they have done so far.

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