System Summary

My No BS Real Estate (🚫BS) system is comprised of many indicators, data points, trends, charts, and my commentary (blog entry to accompany charts).  (“No BS” stands for “No Bad Service”.)  My proprietary tracking and reporting is split into these sections:

  • County – this is a view of market data, trends, momentum, and commentary for each County.
  • Major – this is a look at the local and national data, trends, and momentum for our metro area (Summary graphic of Major Indicators is below).
  • Community – this is a look at the price (soon other) element for each Zip Code; These are shown on the Community pages (Summary graphic of favorite Zip Code Indicators is below.)
    • Swing Indicator is a proprietary chart showing an aggregation of all Zip Code and County median price momenta and is considered a Major Indicator.

Almost all of my indicator charts depict the momentum of changes in the underlying raw data to help forecast direction (e.g., Sacramento Median Price and the momentum (Þ) of the change in that price). These are not a guarantee of future direction but aid in the prediction of cause/affect in the various market forces. No single indicator tells the whole story.

See my blog entry for my explanation of Momentum.

For an explanation or for a monthly subscription to this periodic report, call or email me.   The data is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.  Sources include Sac MetroList, Property Radar, and public information.

Summary of Major Indicators

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Summary of Zip Code Indicators

Swing Indicator

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